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04th May, 2015
Dear All CBRS friends and good wishers Greetings from CBRS Nepal, We now have noticed that CBRS office building has also affected by the very much harmful earthquake on 25th of April in Nepal. Please see some photos of it in attachment files!! Some updating about Nepal First of all we all in CBRS staff, family and children at service are fine. Thanks God ! Till date ,as we come to know from government media 7250 people are died(including 54 foreigners) and its number will also increase more than this and more than 14566 people are injured and taking first aids and treatment at hospitals. More than 190000 houses are totally damaged and 172974 houses are partly damaged. Out of them as I met them in hospital, some disabled people also injured. In CBRS, third floor of office building and training hall at ground floor (next to the office building) have been cracked; 11 disabled family in our service area and 1 staff's house is affected (3 are totally damaged and 9 are cracked). We are still collecting the data of disabled people/family affected by this earthquake disaster and possible fund raising support to them. Everyone in Nepal is really worried and sad. God bless Krishna