What We Do

CBRS Vision/Mission/Goal


A society which respects the rights and dignity of people with disabilities and those who are marginalized and disadvantaged, and which gives them the opportunity to fulfill their potential on an equal basis.


CBRS works in the Western Region of Nepal, with and for people with disabilities (including women, those from Dalit, ethnic and disadvantaged communities), seeking their empowerment and fulfillment of their human rights.

As an organization, CBRS does this by providing services which help to reduce poverty and give rehabilitation (social, physical, educational and vocational/economic) as well as working locally, regionally and nationally with NGOs, government and the private sector to ‘mainstream’ disability. CBRS is a non-political, secular and non profit-making social organization that works in a participatory way with its service holders and stake holders.


To improve the daily and future quality of life of the target group so that they live as normally and independently as possible in their communities, and can access basic rights such as education, health care and a livelihood.

CBRS Themes/Objectives

  1. Rehabilitation and Health Education

Objective: To provide physical rehabilitation, practical and social support with skilled and effective input in order to improve a child’s physical ability and day-to-day life skills.

  1. Sustainable Livelihood

Objective: To increase the opportunities available to CBRS clients and their families for income-generating opportunities and vocational training by using the parents group fund and other resources, the skills and resources of other organizations and by providing or referring for appropriate vocational training.

  1. Inclusive Education

Objective: To increase the opportunities for education available to children and young adults with disabilities, as well as children of Dalits and the ultra poor.  A further objective is to increase the belief in Nepali society that education is a basic human right.

  1. Rights, Empowerment, and Social Inclusion

Objective: To work with and support those sectors of society that are marginalized, poor, female, and/or disabled (along with their families), advocating and lobbying for their rights, and empowering everyone to enjoy their rights with dignity within an inclusive society.

  1. Human Resource Development and Research

Objective: To continue CBRS’ staff development so that the appropriate skills and knowledge are available to meet the needs of clients and other organizations.  To help the development of other projects and to undertake training and research for the staff of other organizations who are working with the disabled, the underprivileged, the poor, and those from Dalit and Janjati communities.

  1. Community Development

Objective: To work and support the poor, marginalized, Dalits and Janjati communities (especially their women and children) who are living in rural or urban marginalized settlements and have very little access to local development and resources within the wider community.

  1. Administration and management

Objective: To maintain the quality of CBRS’ internal organization: administration, financial management, participatory planning, meetings, decision making processes, documentation, and donor contacts.