Natural Disaster in Nepal

Dear Good wishers,

Greetings from CBRS Pokhara Nepal.

On 25th April 11:56 there was 7.8 rectors’ scale and 12th of May at 12:50 PM, 6.8 rector’s scales big earthquakes!!! Thanks God we are safe till now. It was mainly in eastern part of Nepal (14 districts of Nepal).

Till now 8636 are already rest in peace(including 56 foreigners) and more than 17000 are getting treatment and 500 thousands houses and it family members are struggling against the regular earthquakes. Earthquakes measuring center of Nepal says, in these days, more than 250 times (small and big) the earth has shacked in Nepal!!What is going on we do not know!!

We are taking care with some fare having a long breathe ….all relatives and friends.

Unfortunately there is again very sad news that many of the temporary residents (i.e. tent houses) has been damaged by a big winds and storm in eastern part of Nepal and last night Kaligandaki river has been blocked by a big landslides above Myagdi city (it is about 150 Klm. North-west from us) and people from that city are moved to the villages (upward side in mountain).

In CBRS there are small cracks in top flower, training hall and workshop store room at ground flower. Engineers from Municipality has checked it and said not very big dangers to us we can stay and work but need to be careful for next earthquakes. We in CBRS staff had generated a small fund and already supported to 5 disabled family and two staffs. We have also got some donations from the CBRS supporters and good wishers from UK and Australia and planned to support 45 more disabled families in our working areas and office renovations.

I had visited my old house in village last week, it is my unfortunate that it has also damaged and I diminish it and come to Pokhara.

Rest is fine

Best regards


24th May 2015

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